Successful Flea Control

With a reliable pest exterminator on the job, you can get back to your daily routine.

1. Take away pets from your home before the flea treatment starts in your home.

2. Sweep and vacuum your home before the treatment; fleas love to hide under the carpets, furniture and bedding.

3. Clear all items including dishes and toys, furniture and bedding; don’t leave anything for the fleas to hold on to.

4. Mow your lawn before the treatment so the fleas get no chance to hide in the grass or leaves when the treatment is done outdoors.

5. Dispose of items that are heavily infested with fleas.

Before Flea Control Treatment

Remember, flea pest control requires you to work with us in order to succeed with wiping out these pests from your home. Before our Southern Pride Pest Control inspector comes for an inspection, here are some important things you need to do:

Successful Flea Control

It may seem like your dog or cat is constantly scratching themselves. They may do this for one of a number of reasons. If you or your family seem to be constantly scratching yourselves, and finding little bumps or bites all over your body too, you may have fleas in your home.

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Pet stores and veterinarian offices aren’t the only places that get infested with fleas! It only takes the presence of a pet in your home or office to invite fleas in.  Even though the pet may only be inside for a little while, the fleas left behind may be around a long time!

Fleas are common in homes that have pets, especially dogs and cats. Fleas feed on the blood of animals and humans.  Their bites leave a red itchy mark but don’t swell like mosquito bites or bee stings. These bites are a sure sign of fleas in your home.

Southern Pride Pest Control’s Flea Protection Service allows you to make your home safe from fleas and other pests. It is important to note that flea infestation does not only effect pets in your home, but you and your family too. That’s why it is important to call a pest inspector to identify the hot spots of fleas and free your home of the infestation.

Since the main source of inviting fleas into your home is your pets, make sure to inform the pest exterminator about the area where your pet sleeps, eats, plays and moves around. All these measures are necessary to make sure your flea control treatment is successful.

After the Flea Control Treatment
To ensure that your home is permanently free of flees, make certain to regularly clean your home. Mop and vacuum the floors and clean your pet’s sleeping area, bed, toys and food trays often. Using our monthly Pest Control services will stop the fleas from coming back.

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