Moister Control

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Moisture​ Control

Moisture can damage your home in many ways. In fact, excessive moisture and wood decaying fungi causes close to $20 billion each year in damage to homes in the US.

Learn More about Moisture Control 

Moisture in your home is a danger sign; it can cause wood decay, fungi, and can make your home the perfect breeding ground for termites. Once moisture makes its way to your home, it can penetrate even further if there is not enough ventilation. Attic space is one of the most common areas of your home that are prone to moisture.
Many homeowners complain of humidity in their homes and the pest infestation that follows.  It is essential to take appropriate humidity control measures to ensure the safety of your family and home.

How to Identify Moisture in Your Home?
Moisture is easy to identify because it leaves physical marks as it spreads.

  • A huge sign of moisture is musty odor and mildew.
  • Scraped wall paint and wallpaper
  • Wood rotting and doors sticking
  • Loose floorboards with stains on them

All of these are signs of damp and humid spaces. If you see any of these in your home, call us to have a look at the condition of your home. It is important to get professional help for moisture control because DIY methods don’t usually work.

Moisture Inspection Services
A Southern Pride Pest Control inspector can come visit your home for a moisture inspection. Our professional exterminator examines and identifies moisture stricken areas of your home. Many homeowners experience moisture in their home due to standing water and poor ventilation. The inspector will locate the cause of the humidity, and then recommend the right procedure to eliminate it to make your home safe.

We will create a customized moisture control treatment plan based on our observations. We use the safest; most effective methods available for humidity control, keeping the foundation of your home safe and strong.

If your home already happens to be the target of moisture and fungi, don’t worry!  Southern Pride Pest Control Company offers affordable dampness prevention by treating the underside of your home with a fungus treatment.

When you call us for an inspection, or a moisture control service, or any other pest prevention service, we guarantee complete satisfaction. Our professionals are experts in the field, so we get the moisture treatment right the first time. We provide affordable pest control services and moisture treatment plans for residential homes in North Alabama.

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